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How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

ACES: Adverse Childhood Events Study

Studies have shown that Adverse Childhood Events (ACES) may be negatively effecting your adult life. ACEs are emotional, physical or sexual abuse; emotional and physical neglect; and homes that have domestic violence, or mental and/or substance (alcohol or drug) disorders, or parental separation or divorce, or a family member who is incarcerated. All of these are considered traumatic events and may or may not be the cause of depression, insomnia, panic attacks, chronic pain, headaches, nightmares, flashbacks, substance abuse,self-destructive behaviors, feelings of hopelessness, shame or self-hatred, emotional overwhelm, irritability, intrusive thoughts, eating disorders. The research also reports that there are resiliency factors that may reduce the impact of ACES. All of these can improve and/or decrease when discussed, examined and worked through with a licensed professional counselor in a safe, non-judgmental, validating environment.

Traumatic Experiences Widespread Among U.S. Youth, New Data Show

Over 38 percent of children in every state have had one or more Adverse Childhood Experiences.


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